Overcoming the Fear of Video – Replay

We talked about some of the reasons why people fear the camera and haven’t yet started making their own videos for their business. We also talked about how to overcome these fears with simple, yet practical tips. In this event replay, you will find out the reason why your CAMERA is your best friend, and find out why there’s no reason to be afraid of it… even if you don’t know much about it.

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How to Get Traffic Through Web Video

There is one common goal among all webmasters and that is to increase their page views and traffic. However, the main question is, how can you do this? With literally thousands of how-to books circling the web, and bookstores, explaining that they have the “secret” to increased traffic; it is very difficult for a webmaster to choose the correct way to gain traffic.

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Creating Videos for the Web (watch this first)

In this series of articles, we will be discussing about the importance of using videos for the web, what type of equipment you need to get started, including video editing software. We will talk about where to post your videos and whether you should host them yourself or on free websites. In addition, we will also talk about some of the uses for your videos, how to use them in your business, and some ideas on how to make money with these videos.

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Importance of Web Video in Marketing

If you are in the competitive field of Internet marketing, then you have probably realized that you must have the most current and technologically advanced methods of promoting your product or service, while many Internet marketers rely solely on text marketing, there are some that are moving into a modernized way of marketing. This method is through web videos, and it is quickly becoming one of the most vital ways for an Internet marketer to get information about their product or service to their customers.

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