Replay: The Essence of Being You, Featuring Sandra Bueno – September 2, 2011

x Bookmark The Essence of Being You “Come Alive” Challenge At this live event, Sandra Bueno celebrated her birthday with a group of people online and offline. It is great when you celebrate your birthday giving and sharing with others. Sandra put together a coaching program that will help those who participate to find their […]

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Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Month – Replay

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Overcoming the Fear of Video – Replay

We talked about some of the reasons why people fear the camera and haven’t yet started making their own videos for their business. We also talked about how to overcome these fears with simple, yet practical tips. In this event replay, you will find out the reason why your CAMERA is your best friend, and find out why there’s no reason to be afraid of it… even if you don’t know much about it.

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Facebook Netiquette – Replay

We had fun last Friday, July 29th, 20011. Participants shared their experiences on Facebook…

The word Netiquette is a compound word from the words Net (for Internet) and Etiquette, referring to etiquette in Facebook. We talked about the constant problems we face with newbies who don’t know what’s appropriate when it comes to posting on groups, walls, and emails; as well as some of the bad practices of spammers who don’t really care about your business and much less about you.

This event is not a course but a discussion about these problems we constantly face and how to avoid them.

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