Life Coaching for Parents
Coaching Programs Life Coaching with Linda Lamb I work with hard-working, devoted Moms like you, who are exhausted from carrying the burden of parenting and working full time jobs. You prioritize your children’s needs but get overwhelmed, bored, lost and just want to feel like yourself again and enjoy your family. With coaching, you will create time for relaxation, feel more productive, in control, and have confidence in your parenting decisions. Sometimes this looks like a career change, sometimes it’s about overcoming fears and worry, but always it’s about taking charge of your mind so you can design the life that is right for you. By partnering with me, you will understand why you aren’t taking action and gain control over your future. Life coaching is not about giving advice, but about partnering with someone who has special training who can help you in accomplishing your goals. Here’s what others have said: I am such a better parent since working with Linda: relaxed, confident and loving. This coaching work is the best gift I have ever given myself and my family! They say I am much more fun to live with now that I’m not so worried all the time. “Coaching with Linda is one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel so grateful to feel like myself again and I know I can handle anything that comes my way.” “Linda helped me understand why I sabotage my own goals. I get off every call with clarity and motivation, knowing exactly what action to take. I LOVE my new career path. When I hired Linda I did know what was wrong with me. My children were out of the house and I felt lost and restless and had a hard time enjoying things I used to enjoy. It didn’t take long to realize that I had been avoiding my calling. I had something inside me that wanted to come out and the effort of keeping it hidden was causing a lot of negative emotions. Once I faced my fears, and acknowledged the truth, everything became better. I signed up for classes, started doing the work my heart longed to do, and admitted (out loud) what I wanted. It was scary, but with Linda’s help, I learned to feel the fear and do it anyway. Linda’s coaching style is quick and effective. Best money I ever spent. “What a huge success your presentation was!! I am still getting comments from parents about how much they enjoyed your presentation and how much fun and entertaining they thought you were, yet so informative and helpful. Many parents say they have already started implementing your strategies. Thank You, Linda “Linda is an amazing teacher. Not only does she give great tips and suggestions, she helps me feel connected to other Moms. Like I’m a part of this really cool team and it’s okay to relax and laugh at myself.” Free life coaching call for parents. SCHEDULE A FREE INITIAL SESSION 15 minute phone coaching for no cost. Many clients use life coaching to help them through transitions in their lives, redesign their careers, get clarity on parenting issues, accomplish their financial goals, feel better about their relationships and overcome anxiety. On the phone, I’ll explain more about what life coaching is and isn’t, and we’ll get to know each other to see if we are a good match for working together. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE FREE SESSION. It is not unusual to feel confused and lost about what the next step should be. This coaching program is designed for those asking “What is Next?” Have you tried to make changes but keep hitting a wall? Are you feeling pulled in different directions? Having a Life Coach will give you the clarity, purpose and direction you’ve been looking for to make the changes that are right for you. WHAT IS NEXT?