Is Your Facebook's Fan Page CONVERTING?

If Not, You are Throwing Money Down the Drain!

Facebook is changing all over again and the victims would be people like YOU. If by October 1st your Fan Page’s Landing Page is not located in a secure server, it will D I S A P P E A R!!! NO, it won’t but…. Watch this…

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Facebook requires all Landing tabs, applications and widgets to reside on secured servers. If they are not secured, your visitor will have an annoying experience when they arrive to your landing page because a popup will show up in which they’ll need to accept they will be landing on an unsecured page.

I don’t know you, but as a business owner myself, this is not the kind of experience I want my visitors to have when they arrive to my fan page. I want them to be reassured they are in a safe and pleasant environment and without encountering the annoying popup. In addition, when you are browsing Facebook securely (which you should), and you arrive to a unsecured landing page, the page won’t show up even though you accepted the annoying warning popup. In order for you to see the page, you will have to turn off your secure facebook browsing! Is that what you want? Not me!

So, here is what we are offering you: a Custom Designed Secured Landing Tab, Installation, and Lifetime Hosting.


      • Custom, Professionally Designed Welcome/Landing Tab for your Business, Product or Service.

      • Lifetime Fan Page Hosting at no additional cost to  you!

      • Secured (SSL) Hosting for your Landing Tab as required by Facebook Guidelines.

Your Landing Tab can look like this…

Click on the images to expand them:

         Blog Type Fanpage              |     Static Type Before Liked      |      Static Type After Liked


 Static Type Before Liked      |      Static Type After Liked


Limited time Offer || Janet Garcia | Michael Maldonado

Fanpage Blog Format –> US $ 225.00

This is the best option!



Fanpage Landing Page –> US $ 225.00





Empower You!!! | | Janet Garcia | Michael Maldonado

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