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If you think about it, maybe it’s just a little push all you need to get off the ground.

There are many tools around we can learn form, but to be honest, the reality is that most people need some real one on one interaction and continuous assistance to make all this internet stuff work. There is so much information around on the internet that we all suffered from the information overload at some point during our journey through the pass to our success. And it is also truth that that path sometimes feels like a lonely path. Many people are just not prepared to do the work required to do business online and may feel overwhelmed.

But you are NOT alone.

Just knowing you’ll be helped by someone who’s been there and felt the same way as you have, is what we need to take us to the next level. This is why some people join mastermind groups; and others preferred the one-on-one coaching approach to receive the needed advice according to their specific situation.

One-on-one strategy sessions are, obviously, not for everybody. Only serious people who are ready to see results by putting into action our recommendations, are the ones who will benefit for our strategy sessions. These are the kind of people who take ACTION immediately.

What Can We Help You With

Our session together will be completely tailored to your specific need to help you on your journey to grow your online business. This strategy session can include, but are not limited to:

  • Blog analysis for design, branding, conversions, existing traffic
  • Defining a strategy to increase traffic to your site
  • Going over your products and marketing to maximize sales
  • Help you decide what kinds of products to create for your audience
  • Identifying profit opportunities you may have missed
  • Design and create a plan of action to take your business to the next level
  • Point you in the right direction to brand yourself and have online presence
  • Help you on video marketing strategies
  • Help you with your overall strategic direction.
  • And much more…


Janet has been working online since 1994. She serviced both the offline and the online community. Offered desktop publishing services (Janet is also an Portrait Artist)  for offline businesses which soon translated to the online world. Her first site was started around that time. Designed and deployed customer’s websites, even when blogging didn’t even existed. She is a Social Media Specialist and a Certified Video Specialist, so you will receive the right guidance.

With the inception of WordPress blogs, things turned around. People started interacting, real conversations were started. Then, video was possible online. So, as a certified video specialist, Janet also started creating marketing and promotional videos for the web.

Throughout the years, she has developed a solid understanding of effective online marketing strategies that includes video and social media marketing; and also have a solid foundation and experience in the technical side of this business too.

Schedule Your Strategy Session with Us

If you are aspiring to have a full time income and are serious about perusing your goal, or maybe you are a business owner looking to expand your business by having a strong online presence, then we can help you..

Our job is to help you with your blogging strategies and tactics. We’ll give you the advice you need, we’ll answer all your questions, and give you a plan of action on how to move forward and accomplish your goals.

Most business owners still don’t realize the importance of a blogging and implementing blogging strategies as a promotional medium. Your blog, when combined with today’s social media and video marketing strategies can even outperform traditional marketing strategies and all without costing you anything! But you just need to learn how. A combinations of strategies like blogging, social media, video marketing, email marketing will take your business to the next level.

How This Will Work

When you speak with us, we’ll focused on answering all your questions and discovering what had kept you from having the success you are seeking. To a point, you will set the purpose of the conversation by letting us know in which areas you need help. Before we speak, we will send you a short questionnaire that will help us understand your current situation.

We will arrange the best time that will accommodate both. We all have our personal commitments and family responsibilities; but, we also have a pretty flexible schedule.

Getting Started

Our hourly rates for personal consultation is $250/hour, but keep reading. Check out the Pro package.

If you feel that our hourly rate isn’t right for you, then you can also benefit from our training via Empower You! With online trainings, we will be able to leverage the time more efficiently, so it saves you money while at the same time, it grants certain level of access to Me. And of course, I will also continue to help you succeed in your journey. I practice what I teach others.

Personal one-on-one consulting with us is a unique, customized experience where we’re fully dedicated to you for the time frame you select.

Here is what you need to do to get started:

  1. Click the button below to buy a block of time.
  2. We will follow up with the questionnaire for you to fill out. Once we receive the questionnaire,  will schedule a time for our conference call.
  3. At the scheduled time, we’ll be at your service. The end goal of our call is to address your questions and to give you a plan of action to follow up with.
  4. You can always schedule additional calls with us, as needed.

To Your Success!
Janet Garcia, CEO & Founder
Unlimited Concepts / Empower You!




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