Empower You BOOTCAMP Day 1

x Bookmark Have you ever wonder how to develop your online business and improve your sales? Join us this coming Friday, September 9th on our next Empower You! Live Event at 8:30 PM Eastern time. At this event – Day 1 -you will understand from Michael Maldonado the importance of having a your own VIRTUAL OFFICE. Event Details. Co-Founder […]

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Facebook Netiquette – Replay

We had fun last Friday, July 29th, 20011. Participants shared their experiences on Facebook…

The word Netiquette is a compound word from the words Net (for Internet) and Etiquette, referring to etiquette in Facebook. We talked about the constant problems we face with newbies who don’t know what’s appropriate when it comes to posting on groups, walls, and emails; as well as some of the bad practices of spammers who don’t really care about your business and much less about you.

This event is not a course but a discussion about these problems we constantly face and how to avoid them.

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Most Common Mistake with New Friends

We all know how important it is to build good relationships and trust in Facebook, which is the biggest social network site today. It is very important that you start your relationships in solid ground. But unfortunately, people are making the same mistake over an over when with inappropriate use of video in their marketing efforts via Facebook.

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Facebook Netiquette – July 29th, 2011

When all have dreams but not all have goals. In invite you to setup goals in your life so that you can reach your dreams. I’d dreamed for a long time to have have my own training site where I can help others pursue and reach their dreams. And this dream is now a reality.

Event Date: Friday 7/29/2011
Event Time: 8:30 pm Eastern Time Zone

See details inside…

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Build Your Fanpage from WordPress Site

These set of videos training will show you how to configure your WordPress sites in order to create your Facebook Fan Pages. You don’t need to know PHP coding in order to create great Fanpages. They will walk you through, step-by-step, how to transform your WordPress site into your Facebook Fan Page using the power of the iFrames.

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